Anthropometric Protocol for Wheelchair Users

Development of an Anthropometric Protocol for Wheelchair Users: Guiding the Decision-Making for Designing Inclusive Spaces

This paper describes the steps taken toward the development of an anthropometric protocol. The protocol was conceived as a tool for the design of inclusive built environments considering wheelchair user characteristics. The process followed for developing the protocol consisted of two stages. The first one included reviewing the type of dimensions, application context, methods and user profiles within the available literature. The second stage consisted in the corroboration of order and relevance of the measures proposed as well as the measurement instruments and the way of approaching participants. This protocol considers a total of 16 dimensions including height, reach and depth measurements. The paper describes the method, measurement landmarks and the tools used to take the measurement. To guide the application of the protocol a table was developed with recommendations on the use of certain percentiles according to the interaction of the user with the environment.

  • May 2019, DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-20444-0_19
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